"Rukkun" is specialized in processed and dehydrated fruit business.
Since our debut, We have brought great taste and quality to the fruit snack industry.
It is outstanding in taste which produced from 100% Thai fruits.

Rukkun is premium Thai fruits snack from delicately selected gardens. Only 30% best quality material is selected.
We invent new methods to preserve our proud-to-present original Thai fruits which provide an exquisite, delicious and enjoy-every-bite experience.

" Rukkun " , means Love in Thai.

We believe in giving only the best thing to someone we love.

The gift of Rukkun is always premium , beautiful and memorable.
From seeds to trees. From trees to fruits. From fruits to Rukkun. Every step we do, we do it with love.

From high quality selected farms directly to a high standard factory. An Exquisite, originally delicious, safe, and impressive gift is what we promise you.

For her , For him , For family and For you.
Choose the best for the one you love.

Fill Rukkun, Feel Your Smile